Mindful printer

As a printing and packaging specialist, we are conscious of our responsibilities – towards our employees, our region, our environment, and to society as a whole. As a mindful enterprise we have undertaken a range of commitments in terms of sustainability which we adhere to day after day.


% self-consumption from 2024






years in business

We want to be a driving force and lead by example

With a strong presence in our region, we play a key role in the regional and national economy. We are committed to being an inclusive and responsible employer, we care about the well-being of our employees and we are determined to provide them with as many opportunities as possible.

By the very nature of our business, we are committed to the environment. Day after day, we take steps to limit our environmental impact, reduce our carbon footprint and encourage better use of the planet’s resources.

How do we live our convictions day by day?

For us, sustainability means being aware and acting on our commitments every day. That’s why we make it a core part of what we do. At the heart of our vision is the desire to set relevant and realistic objectives for our profession, striving for continuous improvement.

Respecting the environment

In order to limit our CO2 emissions, we have implemented targeted actions. Every year, we draw up a CO2 balance sheet to analyse the situation and identify areas for improvement. We have also defined an advanced waste management system to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to waste.

People at the heart of what we do

For a company to act sustainably, it means changing the paradigm of its day-to-date operations to achieve its environmental, economic and social objectives. In order to meet our commitments, we have therefore defined a number of internal measures to continually measure, improve and adapt our social conditions. We have also introduced training and continuous improvement initiatives. More generally, we have created a sustainability manager role to ensure effective follow-up and review.

Reducing our energy consumption

To optimise our use of energy resources, we have entered into a partnership with the region’s electricity suppliers. In addition, we have installed photovoltaic solar panels on our production sites, with a view to increasing self-consumption.

Certifying our actions

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC and many other labels: our company now meets the requirements of several labels that certify our compliance with both social and environmental standards. Obtaining certification is a continuous and long-term process, which is why we have introduced precise monitoring of the measures that we have put in place.

What are our certifications?

Our certifications are a guarantee for our employees, partners and customers. But a label is not a diploma acquired once and for all; it’s a constant commitment. In order to be successful in achieving our aims we monitor, analyse and regularly re-evaluate progress. We are constantly having to re-assess our work.

ISO 9001

An internationally recognised standard, the ISO 9001 label certifies that Polygravia has an integrated quality management system in place. To comply with the criteria, we have set up a series of actions, such as the creation of a customer satisfaction monitoring programme and a complaints register.




ISO 14001

This standard is used to identify, assess and control the environmental impact of our activities. More specifically, it certifies that an environmental management system is an integral part of our organisation.





This rating assesses our company’s commitment to the environment, ethics, social responsibility, respect for human rights and responsible purchasing.




Corporate citizenship

Complementary to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, this label assesses the social dimension of our company according to defined criteria, such as respect for human rights, working conditions for employees, respect for customers and civic commitment.




FSC’s Chain of Custody

This label certifies that our entire supply chain, from raw materials to production, complies with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): preserving biodiversity, preventing deforestation and protecting human rights.



Printed in Switzerland

This certification guarantees that the printing and finishing are carried out in Switzerland. It is designed to boost and encourage the local economy, provides a legal basis for environmental protection, and guarantees the quality of everything we print.




Carbon Fri

Carbon Fri is a label by the Canton of Fribourg designed to support sustainable projects within its borders. It guarantees that a company has established an efficient energy and climate strategy and invests a minimum of CHF 10 per tonne of  emitted CO2 per year.